Game viewing opportunities are plentiful at Makumu, and to get even closer to the wildlife, one should experience our day/night/walking safaris.


Game viewing

Game viewing opportunities are everywhere at Makumu. From the early morning birdlife as the sun peeks over the horizon, to our resident warthog family that frequents the lodge lawns during the day and the elephant herds that choose to quench their thirst in our swimming pool, there always exists the possibility of a sighting…

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Conducted twice daily or as you prefer open landrovers with armed Ranger and a Shangaan tracker in search of the elusive “Big five” as well as the other small and large wonders of this magnificent stretch of Southern Africa, normally conducted early morning and late afternoon.

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Big Five

The Big 5

The Big 5. An old African hunting term coined by the various hunters over the past century that have come to these shores looking to carry away the trophies of the five most dangerous African mammal species to hunt. Modern day has allowed us to use this phrase in a slightly different manner - that of course being the most elusive and rewarding game to view in their natural habitat. Makumu is home to ‘The Big 5’ species and we have had wonderful viewing of these magnificent creatures over the years, it is however, vitally important to remember that any sighting of any big game animal is a privilege and never a right, this is the ethos of safaris at Makumu and will never guarantee these sightings, we will work tirelessly to find these opportunities for our guests, but obviously due to the nature of the beast, this does not always bear fruition. As we always say “always possible, never promised”.

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More to Experience

With our optional extras at Makumu there is something for everyone!

Reptile demonstrations - Learn more about these magnificent creatures from a reptile expert.
Massage - To take that relaxation to the next level.
Get Active - Use of our exercise equipment for those who will miss their daily trip to the gym.

Breathtaking Sunsets

The climax of the day, whether enjoyed from the hanging bar upstairs, or while out on Safari, the sunsets at Makumu are truly spectacular.

The Tree House

Situated high in a tree canopy overlooking a waterhole, this is the ideal place to spend time during the hot midday hours with a book, gin and tonic and a pair of binoculars to view the abundance of game that utilizes this popular area.

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