May the simplicity of the Bushman calm you, the energy of the Zulu inspire you and the creativity of the Ndebele enthuse you…


Bushman suite

The elusive Bushman with their minimalist life bring a calmness and reverence for the abundance their gods provide: eggs for water storage, leather clothing and animals for food. The gods provide antelope spoor to track the herd and in thanks for this, their energetic hunt is captured by the slains blood on the rock face.

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Ndebele suite

The colourful and creative Ndebele tribe bring a richness with vibrant lifegiving colours in geometric patterns reflecting happy expectations. The ancestors are solicitous and jealous and must be revered and placated. The gods will smile on the rich colours, copper rings, geometric patterns and warmth surrounding them.

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Zulu suite

The proud energetic Zulu tribe draw power from their ancestral spirits and give thanks for their blessings. They celebrate life with exuberance offering beer in fired clay pots. Attired in leather and richly beaded regalia, they sing and dance while protected by ancestral warrior spears and shields poised to defend their people.

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Living area

Main living area

In my dreams I was inside while outside… and now in this reality I feel that I am actually still dreaming!

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Luxury accommodation in the heart of the bush

Homemade Cuisine

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach… Yes!

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Outdoor Shower

Look up while taking a cool shower outdoors, squint a little and you may feel like God looking down on his exquisite earthly creation!

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The Tree House

Situated high in a tree canopy overlooking a waterhole, this is the ideal place to spend time during the hot midday hours with a book, gin and tonic and a pair of binoculars to view the abundance of game that utilizes this popular area.

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